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Research Themes:  Cyber Physical Society | Resource Space Model | Semantic Link Network | Knowledge Flow | Intelligent Clustering

Knowledge is power.   ------ Francis Bacon

The Knowledge Grid is an intelligent and sustainable Internet application environment that enables people or virtual roles (mechanisms that facilitate interoperation among users, applications, and resources) to effectively capture, publish, share and manage explicit knowledge resources. It also provides on-demand services to support innovation, cooperative teamwork, problem-solving and decision making. It incorporates epistemology and ontology to reflect human cognition characteristics; exploits social, ecological and economic principles; and adopts the techniques and standards developed during work toward the next-generation web.

The Knowledge Grid Environment consists of autonomous individuals, self-organized semantic communities, an adaptive networking mechanism, an evolving semantic overlay keeping meaningful connection between individuals, flows for dynamic resource sharing, and mechanisms supporting effective resource management and providing appropriate knowledge services for problem-solving and innovation.It supports innovation and harmonious development of science, technology and culture. Main research objects are architecture and functions of the environment and its individuals, relations between individuals and between communities, and the relation between the environment and socio-economic development.